So, you want to start a business, but you don’t know where to begin?


Maybe you want to become a coach or consultant and you want to start selling your services, but you just aren’t sure how to make your first sale or get your first client. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personalized action plan to follow?

 Here’s what I’ve created to help you get there!

Introducing, Create Your Passion Plan™: A one-on-one coaching program that will teach you how to create and sell your products and services.

Make a profit by selling your advice, training, teaching, and information products.

I’m looking for dedicated women who need support, guidance, and a clear action plan. If you’re interested in making an impact in a BIG way, but don’t know where to start, then my friend, you are in the right place!


Private coaching is incredibly powerful and allows for you to receive the customized and unique support you and your business require.

I want to help you completely change your life by creating the profitable business you have been dreaming of, even if right now you feel like you have just another expensive hobby. Let’s be honest, your business is only a business if you are turning a profit!

This 1:1 coaching program is for you if you are serious about finally getting your business up and running. Maybe you are sick and tired of trying to make sense of all the business training available out there and you have already atempted to piece things together on your own, but it’s getting you nowhere – fast.

So, if you are ready to get crystal clear on what you have to offer and want to know how to make money doing exactly what you love to do, I’ll show you how to take massive action and finally get started.

Create your own experience


Before we begin working together, I will send you a signature Welcome Package to fill out. The questions are designed to get an understanding of where you are in your business building process and where you desire to go.

Based on your answers, I will create a customized marketing strategy for you. This is a unique and personalized experience where we’ll meet (live or via Skype) to discuss your action plan.

Here are some of the topics we may cover together:


Define your unique talents and discover how to monetize them!
Finally figure out your offerings and pricing.
Learn to love your sales process.
What is the best way for you to connect with your audience?
We can develop your products and/or courses


Need a marketing plan? Of course you do.
Find out the best way for your clients to find you.
Website 101
Writing your own copy. Yes you can. I promise.
Social media demystified
Paid advertising?
Brand yourself
Do you need a newsletter or a blog?
How to get your first 1000 fans… and more
What the heck is list building and why you need to know.


Where are your clients and customers?
And who are they anyway?
Why you should be looking for your ideal clients and not selling to just anyone.


Scheduling like a pro… even if you are creative and hate schedules.

Learn how to get more done and finally quit multi-tasking

Work in a constant state of flow

Delegating – and working when you want to = FREEDOM


Make sales. Lots of sales.

Attract and build the wealth you desire. Is that possible?

Define your desires

Live your authentic life – one that you have designed and defined.

What is wealth consciousness and why is it important?

Live an abundant lifestyle.

Increase your overall happiness.

Feeling anxious and jealous?

Start having fun in your business

Negative mindset is not serving you. Learn to stop the negativity in it’s tracks.

Learn to mix business with pleasure.

Self-care is important

Overwhelmed? Not anymore!

Feel confident in your abilities

Sounds good! How do I sign up?

Book a call to appy!

Is this for you?


  • You are a coach, mentor, consultant or have a service based business model.

  • You want to be any of the above, but haven’t started yet.

  • You know how valuable it is to follow a proven method and you just need some guidance.

  • You are so tired of trying to do it all by yourself… it’s taking too long and you can’t seem to make your first dollar – or can’t make sales consistantly.

  • You want to live your life on purpose instead of on auto-pilot.

  • You would love to have more freedom in your life! Create your own schedule and integrate your work with your lifestyle.

  • You have always felt like you are meant for more than the status quo. Bigger and better things are calling your name!

  • You are so ready to make a commitment and be fierce about your goals.

Maybe not for you if:


  • You are expecting a magic spell to solve your life problems and are in need of a fairy godmother.

  • You are hoping for a generic boxed solution. Sorry, this is custom to you – all the way.

  • You are hoping it won’t take much time and energy and are looking for a quick fix.

  • You aren’t committed.

  • You feel uneasy investing in yourself and your business

After working with me:


  • Your business will be built!

  • You will be able to work with your own clients and customers

  • You’ll have a unique message and brand

  • You’ll have your own sales page and be able to sell your products and services online

  • You’ll have a business model that works for you

And even more importantly:


  • You’ll be a full-time entrepreneur!

  • You’ll be doing work you love and have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

  • You’ll no longer be wondering “What am I meant to be doing with my life?”

  • You’ll be able to quite the 9-5 struggle once and for all.

Need more information? No problem. Book a FREE clarity call today.

Book a 1:1 Strategy Session today

Each Session is 60 minutes in duration.

Want to book just 1 session?

I’ll help you identify what’s most important, create a plan, and get you moving so you can be a total boss!

If want to gain clarity on your vision and how to achieve it, or if you would like an introduction to working together, this is perfect for you.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Before we even start working together, you get a prep package to fill out. That gives me an idea about what’s happening in your life and biz so that we maximize the time we spend together. I’ll get to know your work, your brand, and your concerns before we jump on a call so we can get started right away. Let’s not waste a single minute!
  2. Action Plan. During our 75 minute coaching call we’ll identify where you feel stuck and we’ll develop a plan to achieve your goals that fits into your life – rather than giving you a plan that induces a panic attack (Yuck!!). You’ll feel confident knowing you’ve got a solid idea of what to do so you can concentrate on what’s most important.
  3. The implementation part. Yes, you need to take action in order to get things moving on up… But don’t worry, you’ll leave the session knowing exactly what to do – because you’ll have your plan! You’ll be 100% clear on the steps needed to propel you forward.
  4. We’ll set accountability and dates so you have deadlines (and a coach) to keep you on track.

(Contact me for special prices on Coaching packages if you would like to book multiple sessions at once) 

Want to transform your amazing ideas

into a profitable online business?

See you on the inside!

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