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Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by!

I am the chief creative around here but also wear the hat of coach, digital strategist, business builder, and serial entrepreneur.

I teach creative business owners (and aspiring entrepreneurs) how to find clients + customers using alignment marketing techniques. My mission is to show you that you can achieve success just by thinking outside the box and by using your own creativity.

I’m bringing 15 years experience in teaching, business, marketing, and course curriculum creation to show you how to stop fear in it’s tracks so you can build that business you’ve been dreaming about – but have put on the back burner while you do life the way you think you are supposed to – the way think you should.


I love to dish out business inspiration and training in a simple, easy to follow way and I love showing aspiring entrepreneurs that the journey doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Simply put, I want to give you the tools (and confidence) you need to finally do the thing you’ve been put here to do – the passion project, dream business, or creative endevour that has been living in the back of your head – collecting dust – instead of helping those who need your genius!

We have a lot on our plate – goals, dreams, ambitions, life, love, and our families. Work and home responsibilities and the pressures of trying to “do it all” can be so overwhelming.

But life is so much better when we live it on purpose.

Why me?



Because I have been on the other side of the fence and understand what it feels like to be frustrated and struggling to figure it all out on my own.


I’ve always considered myself to be a bit of a creative rebel.


Always making, painting, writing, discovering – at times obsessively, really. I never felt satisfied with mediocre or the status quo. I was always left wondering if we really had to follow all the rules! All the time?


My path to thinking outside the box has seen my career shift and pivot many times over often guiding me to the most unexpected places and seemingly unconnected things. From ice cream scooping (at 13 years old), to coffee slinging, to middle school teacher, to crisis counselling, psychology, corporate marketing, magazine editing, jewelry designing – oh ya, and that short lived stint as an english teacher in Saudi Arabia… just to name a few.


One thing that was especially true through it all – is that I always dreaded Monday morning. And I know what it feels like to work in a job you find uninspiring – knowing somehow you were meant to be somewhere else. Left wondering what I missed along the way or where I took the wrong turn.


After all those failed attempts at finding happiness in a corporate job (that everyone else told me I should be striving for), I decided to use my unusual combination of skills, experience, and education + creative energy to build something of my own!


For years I couldn’t figure out HOW to replace my income from my corporate job doing something that I loved – something that I really wanted to do.


Everything began to shift once I had a game plan. Once I gained clarity, I was able to move forward in the right direction instead of constantly stalling and procrastinating.


When I was building my business, I thought the key to success was structures and making sales. As it turns out, success actually has more to do with your mindset, how you set goals, and how you leverage what you are already good at.


The system I have created allows you to be able to accomplish more in 90 days than most people accomplish in an entire year. How would you like to get to the finish line faster than everyone else?



Want to transform your amazing ideas

into a profitable online business?

See you on the inside!

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