I help passionate creatives

build profitable

online businesses

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I help passionate creatives build profitable online businesses.

I teach marketing and business strategy tailored to you (the creative type!) so you can stand out in the crowd and attract your BFF clients and customers… with a little bit of ease and grace.

I can take you from

“What do I do?


Ok, I got this.



  • So you can be done analyzing all the options, weighing the pros and cons, and tring to figure out all the details before you leap.

  • So you can finally learn the strategies + gain the know-how + get the real work done.  No more playing small with your business dreams.

  • So you can be done trying to fit the mold instead of following the desires that yell out to your soul everyday.


Learn the exact steps to take to launch your online empire all by yourself in just 7 days without the overwhelm!

Step-by-step instructions + community + downloadable workbooks all sent straight to your inbox.

Calling all freelancers, bloggers, influencers, creatives, makers, and aspiring entrepreneurs!

Are you wondering how you can use your talents and creativity to actually make a meaningful + profitable living so you can live a life with more freedom?

(Yeah, I thought so!)

How can we work together?

Get results fast and take massive action!

Work together in a one full-day format so you can get your business framework set up all at once! You’ll walk away with business clarity and a clear road map to follow.

Work 1 on 1 + take your business to the next level

Start today and build a business that supports the lifestyle you want to live using the talents you already have.

Learn in an intimate mastermind group setting

Build a purpose based business + online presence + marketing plan + personal branding. Find out when we start!

Book a FREE 6-Figure Framework Session

Want to discuss your business idea?

 You’ll get a detailed action plan and worksheet specific to your business so you can apply the 6-Figure Framework and start working with clients (or selling your services) online NOW. 

Do What You Love.

Are you afraid you’ll wake up one day and wish you had been brave enough to pursue your dreams?  It’s difficult to find your true calling in life when everyone around you is trying to get you to follow their agenda.

The Key to Your Success

Manouver past road blocks and learn what “mindset” has to do with it all! Your mindset could be blocking your ability to bring in the income you desire in your business. Who knew?!

Get some great tips on growing your social media audience, starting an online business, and meaningful marketing!

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What people are saying

I have been working with Amanda since October and the changes and opportunities I see for mega growth in my business are MONUMENTAL!! I have learned so much and have created things that I NEVER thought was possible becasue of Amanda’s mentorship and courses! If you want to take your business to the next level then you need to sign up! It’s a no brainer ladies! I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

Michelle R.

I was an ambitious woman working in a corporate job looking to make a major change in my life and start my own online business. After our first call together, I connected with her immediately and knew I had to work with her.

Her support not only put my mind at ease, she also provided me with effective mindset strategies I could practice on my own and books to read on a daily basis. At first I didn’t know what I wanted my business to be but slowly over the time we worked together and I decided!

She would even help me with my message and brand by providing me with guidance from the heart and the universe. She also offers endless support on building your website, Leadpages, and more. It was a huge relief having her help because the technical pieces of online business isn’t my strong suit!

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur with no direction like I was or experienced and just need a little push, Amanda is your person! She consistently over delivers for her clients so the investment is definitely well worth the price. I have transformed from not having a “sweet clue” to moving steadily along my path as an online business owner during my first six months working with Amanda. I look forward to continue working with her as I grow my business!

Amanda K.

Honestly Amanda, this is the information people pay a lot of money for, including myself, but you have somehow streamlined it into 7 days… this is amazing to me. but even more so is the fact that you are giving it away. GIVING it away, which makes me wonder what else you have up your sleeve!

Heather C.

Want to transform your amazing ideas

into a profitable online business?

See you on the inside!

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